A Plus urges PAC to investigate Stonebwoy’s payment to NSA

Entertainment pundit and politician, Kwame A Plus, has called on the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament to investigate the financial transactions related to Stonebwoy’s booking of the Accra Sports Stadium for his 5th Dimension Concert.
A Plus raised concerns about the lack of transparency regarding the exact amount paid by Stonebwoy to the National Sports Authority (NSA), emphasizing the disparity between the figures provided by the NSA and Stonebwoy’s team.

During an appearance on the United Showbiz program on UTV, A Plus highlighted the potential discrepancies in the reported amounts, drawing parallels with past instances where event organizers allegedly did not disclose accurate financial information. He urged the PAC to invite both Stonebwoy and NSA officials to present their receipts, advocating for a thorough investigation to clarify the issue and provide the public with accurate information.

The call for clarity stems from the belief that transparent disclosure of the funds exchanged between Stonebwoy and the NSA is crucial in maintaining public trust. Stonebwoy utilized the Accra Sports Stadium for his 5th Dimension Concert on December 22, 2023.

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