Adjetey Anan makes animation debut with Parables Studios.

Time With Ananse (TWA) is a perennial event by Parables Studio that seeks to educate children and parent alike on African folklores amidst fun, quizzes and giving out prizes.

The last edition of the innovation was help in December 29th 2018. The events was in 2 folds, the first show which started from 2-3:30pm and the second show which started from 4-5:30pm.

Parable studio on this occasion, doubled up their stakes after being the first producers of an animation feature film in Ghana, years ago. This time, the company aided actor Adjetey Anan in making his animated debut.

The Actor played the role of Mighty Joo, in Ghana’s first super hero series; MIGHTY JOO. An environmental crusader that sought to fight enemies of the environment and protect it. The first episode, titled “Galamslayed” introduced the audience into the galamsey menace on our environment and health. Mighty Joo rescues the environment by fighting off illegal miners and saving the day.

Parable Studios also brought folklore to the stages, with an overflow crowd of teeming patrons, comprising of families that are in search of wholesome entertainment. The end of year event was centered on a folklore of the Ewes migrating from notsie in Togo land under the wicked King Agokoli. It was a thrilling live stage drama that involved the children and parents participation.

Many patrons thanked Parables Studios for the renaissance of stories and how they are told.

“where have you guys been hiding with such great contents of rich culture education and fun for the kids, its feels more like our history being told in a contemporary language where all can relate and enjoy”, a parent stated in glee

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