Adjetey Annan, Ecow Smith, Naa Ashorkor to wow theatre lovers

Theatre lovers in Accra and Kumasi will get the opportunity this Christmas season to be thrilled with some of the best, intense, moving, and inspiring plays to cap their celebrations.

Globe Productions will from Wednesday December 23 re-enact on stage, Latif Abubakar’s flagship plays that have won universal praise and overwhelming praise to the delight of patrons.

Dubbed: ‘Best of Plays,’ the series of rib cracking, music infused and dance electrifying plays will feature actors includings Adjetey Annan, Ecow Smith-Asante and Naa Ashorkor in What Can Come Can Come, Thank God for Idiots and Divorce or Suicide.

Divorce or Suicide and What Can Come Can Come will be staged live at the National Theatre of Ghana on December 23 and 24 respectively. Thank God for Idiots will also be staged in Kumasi on the December 26 at the Golden Tulip Hotel and on the December 27 between 5:00PM and 8:00PM each night.

Speaking to journalist in Accra, the playwright and producer, Latif Abubakar promised patrons of spiced-up performances of plays and entreated all to attend with families and friends.

“Best of plays is a must watch this Christmas season and a perfect Christmas gift to Ghanaians as they wind up the year on a happy note, don’t miss out! Below are the synopses of the plays,” he said.

He said happiness is a God given right that all must seek to embrace. “That’s precisely the mission of Globe Productions, to keep touching lives and making people happy. To help them appreciate life by distressing themselves from the exigencies of the times”

Mr. Latif Abubakar thanked sponsors of the even – Starr FM, Graphic Showbiz and Citi FM- for their invaluable support.

Synopsis of the plays


Frank, the poor unemployed graduate grew up not knowing who his father was. Anytime he asked about his father, his mother said “Your father is dead, not exactly dead but dead”.

Now an adult, Frank meets and falls in love with the daughter of Mr. Arthur, a man who’s “Yentie Obiaa” attitude led to an early retirement and a drain on his finances. Yet, Mr. Arthur doesn’t mind his kind: an egoistic proud man, if rich, to date his daughter rather than poor Frank.

Does Efua give in to the rich man and her dad’s pressure?

How does the story of Frank’s father being DEAD NOT EXACTLY DEAD BUT DEAD” unfold?


Divorce or Suicide is a story of Ms. Speechless who on the verge of dying is saved by Mr. Wimbledon. She marries him out of convenience and soon after, their marriage hits the rocks. They seek help from Paapa, the pastor who, in fact is Mrs. Wimbledon’s ex. Meanwhile, Mr. Wimbledon secretly consults a fetish priest for kpakpakpa solutions, guess what? The fetish priest is also Mrs. Wimbledon’s ex. Eeeeei…Divorce or Suicide? What will be the option and who triggers it.

What will you do if your wife falls in love with the pastor in charge of saving your marriage?


Imagine a young couple who are living large because the husband has inherited his late brother’s property. Despite all they have, expressing their emotions to each other was a big problem. One midnight, in the midst of a heated argument they heard a knock. Who is visiting them at this ungodly hour? Is it the ghost of his late brother or who? And what should the couple expect?


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