Allow banks to take care of individual businessmen – Gov’t told

Bank of GhanaA chattered accountant, Cudjoe Akpabey, says government’s meddling in the local banks does not favour the local businessman and investor.

He is therefore calling on government to allow the banks to support the local investors.

Ghana’s economic policies is being questioned whether it benefits foreign investors more than the locals.

Ghana’s trade policies and development agenda has over the years been dictated by the desire to attract foreign direct investments and to increase export earnings.

Speaking on 3FM’s Sunrise show, Mr. Akpabey said the structures do not favour the local businessman but rather favour so-called external investors.

“Government upon government and I’m not talking just about this government but government upon government is not bold to get this revenue for the state. So, they go to the local bank to borrow treasury bills clouding the local entrepreneur or the local businessman from having access to the banks.

“The banks have become so lazy because they are interested in treasury bills because it is cheap money government goes into it and it is secure.

“The government and economic policies are so bad and they must concentrate on revenues that are due to the state and leave the banks to take care of individual businessmen.

“Government upon government is interested in putting on suit, flying first class to Washington to go and look for $1 billion. That’s all we are interested in and we think the ministers are working?”

By Nana Afrane Asante||Ghana

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