Ayariga’s APC will go into oblivion after 2016 elections – PNC Chairman

Hassan Ayariga's APC received a provisional certificate from the EC on Wednesday, February 10
Hassan Ayariga's APC received a provisional certificate from the EC on Wednesday, February 10
Hassan Ayariga was endorsed as APC’s flagbearer on Monday, June 13

The Greater Accra Region Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bala Maikanakan, has watered down the chances of Hassan Ayariga’s All People’s Congress (APC), saying the former PNC flagbearer appears not to be serious about his political career except wanting to be relevant in Ghanaian politics.

Bala Maikankan while speaking with Bright Kwesi Asempa, the host of news and current affairs programme Ghana Dadwen on Onua FM said Dr. Hassan Ayariga has rushed in forming APC out of populism and selfish desire.

“What is the rush about, if it is not for self-centeredness,” he opined.

“Look at Dr Edward Mahama he had lost a lot of elections but he still remains with PNC. That is loyalty but if you don’t have the party at heart but want to enjoy the fame, you will run and form a party that will not last,” he added.

Asked if he has anything against the person of the founder of APC, the regional chairman of PNC responded in the negative, saying he (Hassan) is respected by all in the party, and supported by even the old, but added that the newest flagbearer had fallen out with the rank and file of Dr Hilla Limann’s party, resulting in petty squabbles which were threatening to divide the party.

After being issued a final certificate by the Electoral Commission of Ghana to operate as a fully fledged political party, APC in fulfillment of the electoral law held its first ever national delegates’ congress on Monday, June 13 to elect national officers ahead of this year’s polls.

By popular acclamation, Dr. Hassan Ayariga was endorsed as flagbearer.

The congress was attended by hundreds of people and other political party leaders including National Chairman of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) Prof. Edmund Delle and 2012 Presidential Candidate Jacob Osei Yeboah also known as JOY2012.

A few minors were spotted at the congress ground.

The Greater Accra Region Chairman of PNC maintained that the APC’s performance in this year’s election will not only be abysmal but mark the end of the political career of its leader and founder.

“Hassan will not perform more than Dr. Mahama, never, what is the root of APC but you Asempa you know the forefathers of PNC. I don’t know what is with Hassan, I don’t have anything against him but he rushes in taking decisions which later turn out to be fruitless. I pity those who are following him now. He will not get any meaningful result.”


Mr Maikanakan, however, revealed on Ghana Dadwen what he called ‘Agenda One Million Vote’ in the Greater Accra Region this year.

He explained that both NDC and NPP have been boasting of track records, forgetting that PNC was there before, hence the determination to campaign on the previous track records of the party which will be a precursor to achieving one million-vote agenda in the Greater Accra Region.

“NDC is saying they want to get one million votes in the Ashanti Region and strike 50/50 with NPP in the Eastern Region but I will tell you that we will take Greater Accra and that will mark our victory, it is new deal, new beginning and new force.

“We have laid the foundation and the parties that came after us built on it and it is time to take it from them and finished what we have started,” Bala concluded.

By Bright Dzakah|Onua FM|Ghana

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