Be bold and call Zanetor to order – Rawlings told

file photoFormer president Rawlings has been challenged to rein in his daughter Dr. Zanetor Rawlings who has been accused of making the NDC unpopular in the Klottey Korle constituency.

Dr. Zanetor won the constituency parliamentary primary but was hit with lawsuit filed by incumbent MP Nii Armah Ashietey over the former’s eligibility to contest the seat.

Some aggrieved foot soldiers from the constituency therefore want Mr. Rawlings’ intervention to save the constituency from losing the seat in the November elections.

They spoke to the media after a High Court postponed a scheduled hearing pending a ruling by the Supreme Court where Zanetor is praying it to overturn a high court’s decision which dismissed her application to have the case against her struck out.

The Electoral Commission has confirmed to the court that Zanetor Rawlings is not a registered voter according to their records: an aspiring MP is required to be a voter.

“Rawlings has been calling so many people corrupt. He even called President Kufuor Atta Ayie why? Because he said Kufuor is a corrupt person. And now the thing is at your own door steps in your own house but he cannot come out to tell his daughter that she is not qualified to run for parliament. Why? Rawlings is not Rawlings If we don’t follow him, So we are telling Rawlings to come out and tell the truth that look my daughter is not qualified instead of sitting down and allowing your daughter to mess up the NDC,” said one fuming foot soldier.

“Let me tell you, Rawlings and his wife and his daughter want to collapse NDC. They have an agenda because he has been calling John Mahama and Atta Mills names.”

Nii supporters

He said, “Even John Mahama must too must come into this thing because he is going to lose in Klottey Korle because we the youth are not going to vote for just anybody. I am not a fool to vote for someone who has never voted before”.

Another foot soldier who identified himself as Basty said, “I also blame the national executive of NDC for qualifying this girl to run for election when they know that she has never voted before. Now they have divided the party into two.”

He added, “if you don’t have voters ID card and you have never voted for somebody before, how do you expect somebody to vote for you? That is why we say the national executives have failed”.



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