Blame my failed marriages on my foolishness not on spiritual attacks – Funny Face

Comedic actor Funny Face has blamed his failed marriages on his foolishness and not because of spiritual attacks.

He made the statement in a post on his Instagram page this morning.

In the last few years, Funny Face has gone through two crashed marriages; his first marriage ended in acrimony with his ex-wife reportedly saying he was a two-minute man and the second one reportedly run away with his twin girls, a situation the actor has blamed on his colleague Lil Win.

In the new post, he said his foolishness had led to his marriages crashing adding that chasing women with big buttocks was the real problem rubbishing the claims by people that it was a spiritual attack.

His post was accompanied by a video read:“Some people in my inbox and dm saying me liking women with big Botos is a spiritual problem .. hello ppl who attribute everything to spiritual den let me tell u “ like most men are suffering from my disease too “ mo ma y3ndwen 😅 miaaa na megyimi”

Am in my BUFFALO car If u don’t understand come and beat me 😢🤣💣🏃‍♀️😝🤴 KASOA VANDAMME “ EI GO OVER YOU “ a.k.a. #BOTOSNINJA Kwahu in my DNA .. “ ASAASE Aban .. Y3nti GYAE “, he added

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