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So What?

Before taking up my role as Head of Station of 3FM, I listened to radio a lot for information and entertainment. I’ve always known ‘radio gets results’ but I’ve never been so close to it. Now, a whole new world has opened up to me. A world of leadership – cause and effect. I’ve discovered how helpless certain sections of society would be without the voice that the media provides. When I studied about the media being the fourth estate of the realm, it never was this real. I now know, that without a vibrant, fearless, objective media, society is zilch.

So what? This is a question I’ve always asked myself anytime information is presented to me. So whilst I sat in my Economics for Business class for instance and was introduced to the Lagrangian function and her sisters, I’d always ask in my head “so what?” How does this solve anything? Why do I need to know this? Why do I have to bother studying this formula? Needless to say, I had to re-sit that paper the next year, it made a lot more sense, but I still didn’t get my ‘so what’ question answered. That’s a discussion for another day.

So what? Why do we put out the information we do? Why do we ask a political office aspirant – what will you do differently? Aside saying that you will do ‘better’, what tangible deliverables should we hold you to? Our news team produced a feature around the time the Inspector General of Police of Ghana was reported to have indicated his contemplation of shutting down social media. That feature ended with a question: Should we not rather focus on ensuring credible authoritative government information websites instead of even thinking of banning social media? Aside asking a lot of thought provoking questions, it was a piece that made the listener want to reflect on what the real issues with social media are. Abused, misused and misunderstood. But also a powerful tool in the hands of the people: that outlet, the opportunity to rant, to speak, the right to be heard. Social media is media and media is crucial for society.

‘Cacophonous cacophony’ was what I once said about my impression of discussions on radio. A lot of times, I’d leave with fresh ideas, other times; I’d tune out and listen to music because, against driving on the George Walker Bush Highway (N1, Accra) with the stress that comes with it, anything more would just drive me nuts!

So what? At 3FM, I have the unique opportunity to contribute to a crucial aspect of society’s growth and development.

I have the privilege to work with people who are at the fore front of the quest to find answers to tough questions and get the duty bearers to respond.

There are real people with real needs listening to radio and I’m excited at the opportunity to be able to serve.

Join me on this journey.

The writer is the head of station for 3FM 92.7

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