BUSTED: Ohemaa Dadao exposes Freda Rhymz, drops their secret chat (+VIDEO)

Ghanaian rapper Freda Rhymz has been exposed by a colleague for saying she does not know any other female rapper in Ghana apart herself and Eno Barony.

In an appearance on UTV’s United Showbiz on Saturday monitored by KwasiAbagyeLive.com, Freda Rhymz argued that apart from herself and Eno, there were no other female rappers in the country.

However, artiste manager and entertainment analyst, Bulldog, who was a panelist on the show, disagreed saying there were other female rappers including Ohemaa Dadao.

Freda Rhymz insisted that she didn’t know any other rapper after Bulldog’s interjection. But a few minutes later, Ohemaa Dadao, who was probably monitoring the show, posted a private conversation she had with Freda Rhymz sometime ago on social media.

Freda Rhymz denying Ohemaa Dadao

She expressed shock that Freda Rhymz claimed not to know her after coming into her DM to express her admiration for her rap skills and how she was learning from her.

Ohemaa Dadao then described Freda Rhymz as a despicable pathological liar.

“‘I am learning from you, I like your raps, you dope’ how can that transform quickly to “ I don’t even know who she is “ see how that 2 by 4 fame is making you grow wings … little clown if you don’t know me guess what ? I don’t know you either but keep that same energy when you’re in my dms acting like a little girl mesmerized at a magic show😂. I just had to pull up facts to expose you. The obvious Fact here is you’re just a despicable pathological liar … peace out,” she captioned the screenshot of their chat she posted on Instagram.

Check out Freda Rhymz chat with Ohemaa Dadao below.


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