“Creative arts only become relevant when it’s election” – Fiifi Coleman raises concerns over theatre neglect

Ghanaian actor and playwright, Fiifi Coleman has said that he is tired of discussing the rots at the National Theatre following the bad state and the neglect of the auditorium.

In a recent appearance on the Graphic Showbiz (X) Dialogue series, Fiifi Coleman fumed at the National Theatre only gains traction during elections for political gains, rather than a genuine acknowledgment of its developmental significance and he has consistently advocated for the privatization of the Theatre to help fix the problems, but his suggestion had gone unheeded.

“There are people who are blind and don’t see what theatre can do in our society, so it will take time. Let us wait until it’s three months to the election, then the conversation on theatre will get the relevant attention,”

The actor also lambasted the authorities for the mismanagement of existing theatres and creative spaces for events, questioning the wisdom of channeling energy into building new ones without addressing the challenges of the current establishments.

The series themed,”Is theatre getting the relevant attention” had other speakers including George Quaye, CEO of Image Bureau and Nii Saki Sackey, Media Liaison of Roverman Productions expressing their views on the state of theatre in the country.

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