Customs officials impound 50 vehicles in Bono & Ahafo Regions

The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority through its taskforce has impounded 50 vehicles in the Bono, Bono East and Ahafo Regions for various offences.

The operation of the taskforce which was to clamp down on vehicles which do not have the requisite documents to be used in the regions, saw several nationals from neighbouring ECOWAS countries being arrested for committing various infractions.

Speaking to the media, King Godfred Akorligleh, the Officer in Charge of the National Vehicle Task Force at the Customs Division Headquarters in Accra, said the operation was successfully conducted upon an Intel of the influx of uncustomed vehicles in the three regions.

The taskforce officer said the offences committed by the owners of these impounded vehicles ranged from “smuggled ones [vehicles], tampered chassis, diverted Temporal Vehicle Importation (TVI), diverted transit vehicles and also, abusing of ECOWAS Protocol and the abuse in transit regime and all those vehicles have been impounded for the owners to pay the required duties.”

He, therefore, advised the general public to do due diligence and submit all the requisite documentation to Customs when purchasing a vehicle to prevent such situations such as this