Decide between YEA or nothing for you – Employment Minister to unemployed graduates

file photoMinister of Employment and Labour Relations Haruna Iddrisu has told unemployed graduates of the School of Hygiene to decide between being placed under the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) and remaining unemployed.

This followed the rejection of his offer by the graduates to have about 1,470 of them enrolled onto the YEA.

According to the graduates, government has failed in meeting its promise of getting them their appointment letters as part of negotiation terms after they demonstrated over their unemployment last year.

The students led by Spokesperson Prince Dramado on Monday, April 4 marched to the Employment Ministry to register their anger at the delay in government fulfilling its promise.

Mr Iddrisu in meeting the graduates admitted, however, that “government has reneged in issuing the clearance letters from the ministries of Finance and Local Government but that notwithstanding I made a pledge to them and I still stand by that pledge”.

After the graduates rejected the offer by asking for all rather than some to be enrolled onto the Agency, Mr Iddrisu, who is also Member of Parliament for Tamale South Constituency, said: “You have to decide between doing something and doing nothing with your own productive skills that you have acquired.”

He assured them that they will be given salaries and allowances just like in regular employment.


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