Home News Desperate Mahama administration is clutching on straws – Perry Okudzeto

Desperate Mahama administration is clutching on straws – Perry Okudzeto

photoDeputy communications director of the New Patriotic Party Perry Okudzeto says the handling of the 3 ex South African police officers who were arrested last week, is a clear indication of a desperate administration clutching on straws to retain power.


The three men who were arrested in the Central Region for allegedly engaging in activities with national security implications were deported on Tuesday.

They were put on board South African Airways flight number 210, which departed around 9:26 to Johannesburg

Speaking on 3FM’s midday news, Perry Okudzeto described the handling of the situation as.

“We woke up one morning in this country and we had newspaper headlines screaming that mercenaries had been brought into our country and that their presence here was of a national security concern to the extent that the state owned daily graphic displayed the photographs of these people on their front page.

“Beyond that, these men were arrested on Sunday, a week ago, kept for more than 48 hours before their lawyers were allowed to see them.

“They were finally charged on Thursday which is clearly 4-5 days after they were arrested which is a violation of our laws as a country.

“They were sent to court and whiles in court a judge in a court of competent jurisdiction granted them bail and what did we see after they were granted bail; the security agencies bundled them into a vehicle and drove off the court premises instead of handing them over to the court clerk for the necessary documentation to be done or processed for their bail.

“They were then kept beyond the Easter holidays and to wake up on Tuesday morning after Easter to hear that these people have been deported and their visas revoked.

“This tells you clearly that this is a government that is clutching on straws and clearly a government desperate to retain power.

“After bringing in terrorists from Guantanamo Bay into this country and keeping them here and telling us to show compassion, you turn around and arrest people who have been law enforcement officers in another country for about 19 years on the average.

“The government and the security agencies should be ashamed of themselves”.


Source: Nana Afrane Asante | tv3network.com

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