Doctor claims cure for HIV/AIDS in five days


A Ghanaian doctor Samuel Ato Duncan says he has the remedy for the deadly HIV which he claims can flush out the virus from the human system in five days.

People have claimed to have discovered a cure for the dreadful disease, HIV/AIDS, over the years, but they turned out to be false and designed to mislead innocent people. Orthodox medicine has failed to find a cure to this disease. Being a viral disease it can be passed on to another person through several means such as sexual intercourse and blood transfusion.

But Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan insists that HIV/AIDs is an evil disease which can be bought for anybody irrespective of his status or creed.
Speaking to, he stated that he has had some successful trials on patients in South Africa and believes he would soon be able to introduce the treatment in Ghana.

“The cure of HIV has been a burden for over the years since 2006 it was discovered.

“This is a dangerous virus that the world needs to kick out completely

“I am able to cure HIV within 120 hours and that is within five days and I have a report with me.

“I have a traditional center where I treat people and that is a different thing from the research I conducted in South Africa.

“There are two reports I have and they contain evidence of two reports from two different people I cured from HIV.

“We have a system to smoke the viruses from the human body that is why they say there is no known cure because when you take the ARV’s the viruses run through the tissues and its difficult to detect them.

“The drug I have is not on the market yet but it’s being tried in South Africa but the process of getting it on the market is with the Foods and Drugs Authority and we are still on.

“I’m just telling the world about what we have been able to achieve as far as our research is concerned”.

By Nana Afrane Asante | | Ghana


  1. If you really have a cure, be a man of GOD and share it with the world. Can you imagine saving possibly millions of lives, including innocent infants and women through sexual intercourse? Don’t let money be your guiding force, but your love for all mankind and your key to everlasting life because of your sharing. Thank you my friend!!!

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