EC Stolen Items: One Granted Bail, Three Remain in Custody

Joseph Blackson Adumadze, a 37-year-old database administrator employed at the Electoral Commission (EC), has been granted bail by an Accra High Court for his alleged involvement with stolen items related to the electoral regulatory authority.

Despite initially pleading not guilty to charges of conspiracy to steal and theft, Adumadze’s legal representative informed the Dansoman Circuit court on Monday that they had not yet served the High Court’s proceedings to the Police for bail execution, leading to Adumadze’s absence from court.

Meanwhile, Philip Tetteh, a 26-year-old labourer, Benjamin Fienyi, a security personnel, and Clifford Yeboah, remain in Police custody.

Christopher Wonder, who heads the prosecution, expressed astonishment regarding the High Court’s bail decision for Mr. Adumadzie, taking into account the case’s national significance. Meanwhile, the legal counsel representing 23-year-old Clifford Yeboah, a student, underscored his client’s academic sacrifice due to the ongoing legal proceedings. Additionally, he highlighted that the value of the items recovered from Yeboah did not exceed GHC 2,000, thus advocating for his release on bail.

As per his legal counsel, Yeboah initially arrived at court without restrictions but was subsequently lawfully remanded by the court. The prosecution requested a few days to finalize their investigations. They also indicated that the police had not yet retrieved the Dell laptops containing crucial biodata and information.

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