Nana Ama Mcbrown Urged to divorce Husband as he gets exposed for chopping Maame Serwaa

The Ghanaian social media sphere has been set ablaze by a recent scandal involving Maxwell Mensah, who has been previously labelled a notorious playboy, and his alleged sidechick Maame Serwaa, the CEO of Prikles Hair.

The explosive accusations have caused shockwaves online, sparking heated discussions, revelations, and a flurry of reactions from the public.

The controversy came to light when Ohene Phrah, a prominent figure in Ghana, took to Snapchat to make a series of explosive claims against both Maxwell Mensah and Maame Serwaa.

In a lengthy post that rapidly circulated across social media platforms, Ohene Phrah accused Maame Serwaa of engaging in relationships with multiple men, even during their engagement.

Ghanaians react as Mcbrown’s husband gets accused of chopping Maame Serwaa
He further dropped the bombshell of mentioning Maxwell Mensah as one of the individuals allegedly involved in this secret affair.

Expressing his frustration and anger, he issued a stern warning to Maame Serwaa, demanding that she refrain from mentioning his name.

The accusations and subsequent backlash have led to an outpouring of opinions from the public, especially fans of Maxwell Mensah’s wife, actress Nana Ama McBrown.

The allegations against Maxwell Mensah are not entirely novel.

The figure has been previously linked to extramarital affairs, with past rumours involving individuals like Sheena Gakpe.

However, these allegations have often been met with denials from the parties involved, leaving room for speculation and uncertainty.

Recently also, a viral voice note that went viral alleged that Maxwell also subjects Nana Ama McBrown to physical abuse.

Following this revelation, Mcbrown’s fans have taken to the Internet to share their two cents about the whole issue.

Most of the comments and sentiments gathered from the brouhaha are pieces of advice to Mcbrown to immediately divorce Mr Maxwell.

According to these fans, Mr Maxwell keeps bringing disgrace to Mcbrown hence it’s only prudent that the star actress cuts him from her life.

Meanwhile, both Maxwell Mensah and Maame Serwaa are yet to directly address the issue.

Source: GhPage

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