Fiifi Buckman Foundation feeds 480 widows, aged

As part of activities marking the new year, the Fiifi Buckman Foundation, a benevolent organization established by a Takoradi-based-renowned lawyer, Philip Fiifi Buckman has fed and entertained 480 widows and the aged in Takoradi.

Speaking to Citi News during the event, Mr. Buckman said the support to the widows and the aged for the past seven years is to provide care and hope for the widow and aged as they enter a New Year.

He, therefore, encouraged the public to include such persons in their New Year plans.

“The advice I will give to any family member or any person living with these widows is that they should have utmost patience for them, and they should have that empathy for them. To become a widow, especially where you don’t have anything, any property backing you, you have many children, and sometimes their minds are bugled up with many issues. So we need to be patient with them, we need to encourage them, and we need to share the little we have with them to show some care and love. Let family members, external family members, let community members show some love and care to widows around us and I believe that’s what God has commanded that if we do, it will be a blessing unto us”, he said.

Mr. Buckman also hinted at plans to support the youth.

“Fiifi Buckman Foundation has been doing many things to help the social life of people. We are coming out with something big for the Kwesimintsim people and it’s going to be mega. We are going to try as much as possible to revive especially the youth, the enthusiasm in the youth, patriotism in the youth, for them to say that to become a youth you need to stand on your feet.”

“This is our time to be able to take our destiny into our own hands and make sure that we do something for ourselves, and make sure that we press forward in life to make it for ourselves. So going forward, within the year, we have outlined several programmes that we are praying God will give us the strength and the strength to be able to carry it through“, he said.

A widow, Abiba Ibrahim, Kwesimintsim who benefited from the benevolence of the Fiifi Buckman Foundation’s food and parcel of gifts expressed appreciation to Buckman for his care for the vulnerable.

“I am a young widow myself, and I can say it depends on the family you marry into because some families treat the widows well even after the demise of their husbands while some torture the widow and her children. I will like to thank Fiifi Buckman for his support toward widows and orphans and will urge individuals who also want to support this initiative to come out and God will bless them“, she acknowledged.