Film laws and policies should not cripple industry – Peter Sedufia

Filmmaker and CEO of Oldfilm Productions, Peter Sedufia, has called on governing film authorities not to implement laws and policies that will cripple the progress of the sector.

The director and producer acknowledged that any sector without proper regulations and guidelines would breed indiscipline and lack of coordination.

However, in the bid to ensure proper structuring and regulation, the relevant authorities should not initiate policies likely to stall the progress of the film industry, Mr Sedufia noted.

Speaking as a panel member at the third Graphic Showbiz Forum hosted at the Multichoice office in Accra on Tuesday, July 25, Mr Sedufia said he was privy to some of the laws and even though most of them were not functional at the moment, some were likely to cripple the industry when they became operational.

“Every sphere of the human race needs regulation to ensure order. When there are no guidelines, everyone will do what they like, so putting these laws in place will help have a working system that is going to propel the industry to the state we all desire.

“If there is no regulation, no one knows what is happening, and no one answers to anyone. However, there should be directions so that people will know the industry is regulated, which will encourage them to invest.

“While these policies are beneficial, it has to be mentioned that they should not be barriers to the growth of the sector. I have had conversations with the leadership of NFA about their proposed policies/laws and hope that they don’t rather cripple us,” he said.

Sedufia, whose works include Aloe Vera, Sidechic Gang and Keteke, mentioned that the world appreciates relevant content, and those who did not fall in line would be left behind.

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