Flooding hits Asokore-Mampong; hundreds trapped


Hundreds of residents of Sawaba in the Asokore-Mampong municipality of the Ashanti were trapped in their homes Friday night following a downpour in the area.

About 50 houses in the area were submerged, making it difficult for occupants of those homes to move out, TV3’s Ibrahim Abubakar reports. 

Some daring residents had to wait for hours for the water level to drop a little before beign able to move out to high grounds, our correspondent reports.

The flood that was caused by about two hours of rain Friday night has destroyed various properties including personal belongings, home appliances and domestic animals worth thousands of cedis.


The residents say last night’s incident is the fourth to be recorded this year in the area which our correspondent say is close to the Susan River, thus making the place prone to flooding.

Most of the houses in the area have been built on waterways, causing flood in the area anytime it rains heavily, Ibrahim reports.

He reports that although some of the trapped residents have since moved out of their homes, others are still trapped as the water level is yet to hit the lowest to enable them move to higher ground.


The Asokore-Mampong Municipal Assembly sometime back issued a demolition notice to those who have built on waterways. The move was to ensure free flow of water and prevent perennial flooding in area but the action has yet to be carried through.

By 3news.com|Ghana

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