Ghanaian medical students in Cuba lament over 7 months stipend arrears

Ghanaian medical students in Cuba on government scholarship are lamenting over the non-payment of their stipends for the past seven months.

The students lament that the situation is making life difficult for them as they live on the benevolence of colleagues and friends.

They explain that the Scholarship Secretariat has on various occasions assured that monies would be released but nothing is yet to hit their accounts.

Speaking on Eyewitness News on condition of anonymity, one of the students said he can only hope that some monies would be released soon. 

“We are still hopeful that the government or our sponsors– that is the Ghana scholarship secretariat– will get us some amount of money for some months so that things can be easy for us so that living in Cuba will be free for us, and we can focus o our studies,” One of the students bemoaned over the non-payment of the stipends.

He added, “we know things are very hard in Ghana, we all heard the news of happenings in Ghana, but we are still pleading with them to work and get us some amount of money because the situation in Cuba is worse, I know they bear witnesses to that. There are no other means, we don’t work, and the only means to get money is the stipends. Getting money from Ghana is difficult, and it has to come from your parents. Please we are pleading with the officials, our sponsors, we know they do care about us, they should work out something for our survival”.