He’s not the first man to cheat on his wife- LilWin’s wife

Maame Serwaa, the spouse of Kumawood actor LilWin, recently shared on social media, igniting speculation about the status of their marriage.
In a TikTok video, LilWin’s wife, residing in the United States, highlighted the challenges of juggling work and parenting alone, stating, “Life in the USA as a single mother taking care of three kids all by myself and working at the same time. May God bless my hustle.” The term ‘single mother’ in her post raised eyebrows among netizens, leading to speculation about potential marital issues.
Amid accusations of LilWin’s infidelity, his wife responded defiantly, stating, “Bring whatever you have; he is not the first person cheating on his wife.”
She also delivered a cryptic response to a netizen accusing her of facing consequences for allegedly taking LilWin from his ex-wife and caring for her two kids.

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