Humility and tolerance won Kufuor the 2000 elections


The leadership qualities of the twice defeated NPP flag bearer has once again come under scrutiny. This time it is no less a person than NPP stalwart and former press secretary to the former president Kufuor – Andrew Awuni.

According to Mr Awuni, Nana Addo’s leadership posture is to blame for the dilapidated and sad state in which the NPP finds itself at the moment for which he’s concerned about.

According to Mr Awuni, politics is about learning to work with people even if you disagree with them and their modus operandi; those qualities in his view Nana Addo lacks.

“Go and find out, Kufuor will go down on his knees and beg you to help him win the elections if needs be”. He knew not everybody in the NPP wished him well but he was able to work with everyone to achieve the ultimate. An obviously livid Awuni reminded the leadership of the party that politics was about numbers and hence the need to bring all and sundry together to work for the common goal of the party. Awuni’s concerns come on the heels of similar ones expressed by a cross section of Ghanaians following Nana Addo’s ‘True State of the Nation Address.’

In his typical fashion of leadership which has seen the opposition NPP in its worst form since he took over the leadership mantle of the party, Nana Addo sought to lampoon all the laudable achievements of President John Mahama in a derogatory and disrespectful manner.
Nana Addo in his so called state of the nation address described the sitting President John Dramani Mahama as engaging in theatrics when delivering the state of the nation address on Thursday.

The third time president seeking septuagenarian said that instead of the president telling Ghanaians about the true state of the nation he was rather involved in theatrics and PR Gimmicks.

The attitude, according to analysts and political watchers, smacks of a level of intolerance and arrogance on his part and that doesn’t bode well for a man wanting to lead the country.

For Nana Addo to say that “running a country is not a public relations activity and that it is serious business” is in bad taste particularly when Nana Addo has never been president before and knows nothing about what it takes to become president.

Political pundits believe the earlier the twice defeated candidate respects the president, the better especially when he’s seeking to assume the same office he’s seeking to denigrate. “What did Nana Addo achieve when he was Attorney General and Minister of Justice,” they asked. “Didn’t he end up wrongly stating in a writ that it is the President Vs. Tsatsu Tsikata instead of the Republic Vs. Tsatsu Tsikata?”

Key party members of the NPP who have spoken on condition of anonymity have condemned the twice defeated NPP flagbearer for his show of intolerance and arrogance, adding that it is this same posturing that has destroyed the NPP and left it in this state. It is their belief that Nana Addo is envious of John Mahama’s brilliant and unmatched communications skills which many believe has brought him this far as a politician.

Nana Addo’s character has made leading members of the NPP, both home and abroad, now convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Nana Akufo-Addo has destroyed the party and its chances in 2016, and have therefore decided to rally around the suspended Mr. Paul Afoko to restore hope and position the party to form the next government after John Mahama. Top guns within the party like former Health Minister Dr. Richard Anane, former chief of staff Kwadwo Mpiani and Sammy Crabbe a second Vice chairperson of the party have all thrown their weight behind Afoko.

Afoko is now referred to as “the Messiah,” by some founding members, members of the council of elders and national, regional and constituency executives and influential Members of Parliament, regrettably, including the slain Akuakwa North legislator.

Source: Dan Acheampong

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