‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelso’: “Directing Yvonne Nelson’s memoir as a movie or stage play will be an honor” – Ivan Quashigah

Filmmaker and CEO of Farmhouse Productions, Ivan Quashigah

Award-winning filmmaker and CEO of Farmhouse Productions, Ivan Quashigah has revealed his keen interest in directing a movie or play based on Yvonne Nelson’s recently released memoir, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.”

Mr Quashigah in an interview on Hitz FM expressed his admiration for the Actress and mentioned their initial meeting during the production of his television series, “Fortune Island.”

The first time the two met was shortly after her participation in the Miss Ghana competition as he searched for stars for his self-produced television series, “Fortune Island.”

According to Mr. Quashigah, Yvonne Nelson is a multifaceted talent who has grown exponentially over the years.

“I am not surprised because when I first met Yvonne, right after she did the Miss Ghana competition, and I was looking for stars for ‘Fortune Island’, my self produced Television series, I saw something in her, she actually rapped during the casting and she did a lot of things that made me see that she has several facets to herself and I knew that she was not only going to become a great actress, but she will do so many other things and this is one of those things and I’m very proud about what I’m seeing today,” he stated.

Building upon their connection, the ‘Things We Do for Love’ director revealed his desire to bring Yvonne Nelson’s book, “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” to life on the big screen or stage.

“Already, I was speaking with George Quaye when he said that he would like to put it on stage and I think that it’s something that we have to consider putting unto the screens as well and I will be honored to direct it,” he disclosed

Already, Yvonne Nelson has said that she does not have an issue if the book is adapted into a movie in the future.

Speaking to Giovani Caleb on 3FM Yvonne Nelson shared that she would not want to take on the role of producer for the project.

“I don’t think I’ll be the one to produce it but I feel great that people are reading,” she indicated.

While she did not provide specific details, her response suggests that discussions or plans for a movie adaptation may be underway.

And Ivan Quashigah’s offer might come as good news to Ms Nelson.

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