I regret leaving my boyfriend after he cheated on me – Tima Kumkum (WATCH VIDEO)

Television personality, Cynthia Tima Yeboah popularly known as Tima Kumkum, says she has regretted leaving her ex boyfriend after he cheated on her.

In an interview on Kingdom TV’s ‘The Real Woman’ show, Tima Kumkum said she couldn’t forgive her boyfriend when he cheated.

She revealed that the incident happened at a time she had hoped they would settle down.

According to her, she allowed peer pressure to influence her decision to quit the relationship and now she regrets it.

Tima Kumkum said she was very open about her relationship and revealed everything that happened in it to her friends, one of who had an affair with her boyfriend.

She said she found out after she used the guy’s phone to call her friend to talk to her about something but surprisingly, her friend responded by saying “hello baby, how are you doing?” when she picked up the phone thinking it was the guy.

The Adom TV presenter said her friend was silent on the phone for about five minutes when she identified herself.

Watch the video below:

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