It doesn’t make any sense to mock me because my fans are the youth – Pappy Kojo fires critics

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Ghanaian rap artiste Pappy Kojo has hit back at his critics saying their claims that his fans are kids do not make sense.

After this year’s VGMAs, some fans and critics took to social media to express their views about the rapper’s style and weakness in rap music, which they think contributed to his failure to win any awards. Some even suggested that the artiste only deserves awards organised in senior high schools because that is where the strength of his fan base lies.

However, in response to these criticisms, Pappy Kojo in an exclusive interview with said he appreciates kids just like the late king of Pop Michael Jackson did.

“I’m loved but the kids love me and when I say they love me, I mean they walk like me, talk like me and some of them cry when they see me and I know I’m blessed.

“I have always been a Michael Jackson fan and I have two tattoos of him and I grew up listening to him and watching him being loved by kids amidst the accusations leveled against him that he was sleeping with kids and all of that.

“I’m just living my dreams and like I said I started loving Reggie Rockstone, Tic Tac, Obrafor and all these other hip life artistes when I was about nine years.

“When I was nine and I was checking out Obrafor, that didn’t make him not cool and most of Obrafor’s fans back then were kids because of the type of music he was doing and we were the core fans then so we understood rap music.

“Some people don’t even have fans and if you are going to make fun of me because my fans are the youth then I will say it really doesn’t make sense”.


By Nana Afrane Asante |




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