Jubilation in Bolgatanga as Raymond Abilba is declared paramount chief


The streets of Bolgatanga were on Tuesday flooded with jubilant supporters of lawyer Raymond Alafia Abilba, who was declared as the de jure paramount chief of the traditional area.

A petition had been sent to the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs to determine who is the rightful overlord of the Bolgatanga Traditional Area.

In 2013, after the death of Naba Martin Abilba III, the skin became vacant.

But there was controversy two years later when two persons claimed rights to the skin.


Mr Abilba was eskinned by the Bolgatanga Traditional Council as Naba Awogeya-Lebna while Joseph Apakere was also enskinned by the Nayiri as Naba Abeka Noge Buuri Maltinga.

But the Judicial Committee of the regional House of Chiefs adduced that the Nayiri has no right to enskin a paramount chief for the area just as a 1988 precedent shows.

The late Naba was said to have had a High Court ruling in his favour in 1988, charging the Bolgatanga Traditional Council as the sole kingmakers.


There was heavy security ahead of the judgement, TV3’s Upper East Region correspondent said.

Tanko Rabiu Mohammed said immediately after the pronouncement, supporters of Mr Abilba took to the streets to jubilate.


By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh|3news.com|Ghana

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