Kessben Media reverses decision to ban Kwaisey Pee songs

Management of Kessben Media has rescinded its decision to stop playing Highlife musician Kwaisey Pee’s songs.

Two weeks ago, this news portal reported that the management of Kessben Media had instructed all of its on air presenters not to play Kwaisey Pee’s songs on its both radio and TV platforms.

Checks by indicate that Kwaisey Pee refused to do an interview with the station after music duo Dead Peepol was interviewed ahead of him.

A source told us that Kwaisey Pee was at the station’s premises for the interview before Dead Peepol came but the producer and the host chose to interview Dead Peepol before Kwaisey Pee.

This made the ‘Mehia Odo’ singer furious and he stormed out of the premises.

Following this, the management of the station issued a statement banning the playing of his songs but has reversed the decision in a new document sighted by

Read the full statement below:

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