Kids at congress are APC future leaders – Ayariga

Hassan Ayariga


The flagbearer of All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga has rebuffed cynicism targeted at his party concerning the number of children that thronged the party’s congress yesterday as he extols the future of his party.

He latched onto the popular catchphrase that the youth are the future leaders, revealing he was particularly excited by the presence of the children.

“I am glad people even brought their children there; they will be APC future leaders,” he told Peace FM’s Kokrokoo show Tuesday.

The congress among others acclaimed Hassan Ayariga as the presidential candidate of APC, a party he founded, for the 2016 general elections.

Mr. Ayariga is however livid a section of the media reported that the children who showed up at the congress outnumbered the delegates.

76ac119b-d4f8-465b-9ce9-8cda62507580“Let us understand that politics is politics, people will always do propaganda in any kind of political games. But I will tell you nobody in his right senses will ask a child of 12 years or 10 years to go and vote.

“Please I beg you in the name of God let’s do decent politics. We want to change Ghana and not to destroy; we in the APC we don’t believe in that.

“…anytime you do things there are people who look for negative things to write. And that is the headlines they want. How can you come to a congress, covered the whole thing and all you could write is Ayariga holds kids congress.

“Does it make sense to you? Somebody reading this thing will even undermine your intelligence,” he flared up.

The APC presidential candidate early on explained circumstances that got the children including his five kids into the hall. Among others he mentioned that due to the fact that it was raining outside, the children ran into the hall where the event was taking place.

“Assuming I am a delegate and I get into the hall and I want my kids to come in, what do you think I will do? Common sense will tell you that I will call somebody and give him the card and say go out there and give it to my kids to come in; that is common sense, but it doesn’t mean the delegates’ [tags] were given to the kids.”


Story by Isaac Essel | | Ghana

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