Koo Fori narrates how his house was razed down by fire

Ghanaian actor/radio presenter, Seth Karikari popularly known as Koo Fori has finally spoken after his house got burnt.

A few days ago KwasiAboagyeLive.com reported that Koo Fori’s house had caught fire and he had lost property worth millions of cedis.

Speaking on the sad incident with Zionfelix.com, Koo Fori disclosed it happened last Sunday after his family visited him.

He said after seeing them off, he went to the bedroom to charge his phone but TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful show caught his attention and as he was watching the show, the TV went off while the lights were on.

Koo Fori said he went to check the TV’s socket and caught the scent of something burning.

According to him, he quickly rushed to the kitchen to see if something had been left on the fire but found nothing in particular. He went to the living room and saw fire in the air conditioner.

At that point he didn’t know what to do but in an attempt to put off the fire, he couldn’t breathe because smoke entered his nostrils.

The Efiewura actor said he called for help after he stepped out of the room and luckily, his next door neighbor called other people to come.

Koo Fori revealed it was difficult putting off the fire so he told the guys to forget about the house and protect the cars from catching fire.

He acknowledged the bold statement made by one of the guys who was at scene, and vowed not to let the house burn to ashes as he broke some of the window panes which made it easier for them to quench the fire before the fire service arrived.

Koo Fori said no injuries were recorded and thanked God for sparing his life.

He averred it would have been a different case if he was asleep at that time.

Watch the video below.

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