Lifestyle: I think I’ve lost my chance for being a ‘marriage material’

I am 25, and I’m from a family where losing your virginity before marriage is something that won’t be entertained from my parents.

I am currently living in Nigeria, I’ve always wanted to stay a virgin until marriage until I met a guy I thought was perfect for me.

He was a gentleman, when I say a gentleman I mean he pays the bill whenever we went out to have fun, bought me things. After 3-4 months he started talking about marriage .

He told me I was the one he wanted to spend his life with, Mr. Gentleman was a Nigerian but he was ok getting married to a Ghanaian with a “virgin background”.

We visited his family, he showed me the ring he wanted to use for our wedding even though he didn’t have enough money at that time. At this point I was overjoyed to think straight, and so we went to his place, had dinner, and had sex. A month after that, he told me that he was married before and he has a son.

He started to ignore me until he finally told me he needs to spend time with his son and we are from different backgrounds with different cultures so that will never work. He called to tell me it’s over between us. Now, I’m so depressed and ashamed of myself that I wasted my time and lost my virginity to the wrong guy.

I’m not even sure if there is any guy who wants to be with a girl who had sex before and I feel I’ve lost my chance for being a “marriage material“.

Is that true?


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