Mahama buys gun: Don’t worry, get yourself one with 200 ammunition


Mr. John Dramani Mahama is the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces per the 1992 constitution. He is the head of the national security council according article 83(1)(a)(1). There shall be a National Security Council which shall consist of-(a) the President;… 83(2) The President shall preside at meetings of the National Security Council and in his absence the Vice-President shall preside.”
According to the National President of STUNNAD, Chris Arthur, the president controls all the guns and ammunitions in the Ghana Armed Forces. He is protected and defended by the state with every possible security. He has personal and official bodyguards. Nonetheless, Mr. President feels insecure and feels threatened. President Mahama does not trust the National Security details for his safety; consequently, he is buying fully loaded guns to protect himself.

He doesn’t even trust his own bodyguard for his safety in spite of all the security details. In spite of all the additional security details including dogs and his khaki men, President Mahama still needs a pistol in his pocket? God save Ghana. The king is afraid of his palace guards!

The stakes are high, our president is not safe, he thinks somebody close to him wants to kill him, hence the need for a pistol to guard himself.  And if it is not safe for a whole president under his own watch, ask yourself if it is safe for you as an ordinary citizen. We’re not safe. We all need to be protected. The state cannot be trusted anymore? We know iron can get rusted but if gold is also getting rusted, then where do we turn for purity? Yesu mpo na yabo no asɛnduam, na ϽsofoϽ!

The president has shown us the way; get yourself a fully loaded licensed gun for your protection. Don’t joke with your life, remember we are in an election year and everybody must learn from His Excellency President John Mahama. Don’t forget that Hon. Afotey Agbo has urged MPs to buy guns to protect themselves.

“If there is any MP who will not have the intention or even have the confidence or the knowledge of having a side arm, then it’s worrying. You should know that you have contested an election and some people lost because of you; and there are some who want to misbehave and you have to check them out. All these people become your enemy, so if you will only go and buy cement and iron rod and then put up a house without even looking for a side arm that will be approved of and licensed by the authorities for your personal protection, then you should have yourself to blame. We should be protecting ourselves,” he suggested.

Why not you?



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