Man arrested for disguising himself as a woman to write law exams for his girlfriend

In a shocking incident that has sent ripples through Uganda’s judicial service, a man has been arrested for deceitfully disguising himself as a woman to write law exams on behalf of his girlfriend.

This incident happened just weeks after being promoted to the prestigious rank of Grade One Magistrate.

According to reliable sources within the Ugandan legal community, the man ingeniously plotted to impersonate his girlfriend during the law exams.

The motive behind the deception remains unclear, but it is evident that he hatched a well-thought-out plan to exploit the lax security measures in place during examination sessions.

The girlfriend’s identity has not been disclosed yet, but it is believed she’s was an aspiring law student facing difficulty in passing the exams on her own merit.

And instead of seeking genuine support and assistance, she and her boyfriend decided to commit an egregious act of dishonesty that has ultimately led to their downfall.

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