Married woman curses sugar boy after breaking her heart (WATCH VIDEO)

A married woman who has been broken hearted by her boyfriend has sent a message to the guy in a new video.

The lady whose name is Grace, cried profusely and poured his heart out over what she was going through after her sugar boy left her.

She revealed that she knew she had a husband but went ahead to date the guy whose name is Nicholas.

Shockingly, she disclosed that she loved Nick more than her own children and siblings.

According to her, Nick broke up with her for another lady named Ophelia and that has brought so much pain in her heart.

Sadly, she said she cannot tell anybody about what she was going through because she is a married woman and added that she had been crying for past two days.

Grace indicated that even though she is not a witch or soothsayer, but Nicholas may die in the next 2 or 3 years if he continues to date Ophelia.

It is believed that she recorded the video for Nick and unfortunately, the video leaked on social media.

Watch the video below

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