Meek Mill to return to Ghana with American Sports Executive Robert Kraft

American rapper, Meek Mill had a blast in Ghana last December and now he’s itching for a round two. And guess who’s joining the ride? None other than Robert Kenneth Kraft, the big shot behind the Kraft Group, juggling everything from paper and packaging to sports and real estate.

This time, Meek Mill’s got his sights set on Ghana’s historic castles. He spilled the tea on X, talking about how he and Kraft are gearing up to explore the deep history and cultural gems of the country together. It’s not just a trip; it’s a deep dive into Ghana’s captivating stories, and they’re bringing the excitement to a whole new level.

In December 2022, Meek Mill visited Ghana for the first time, performing at the ‘Afro Nation’ concert. However, he faced criticism after shooting a music video at Ghana’s Jubilee House and sharing a snippet on social media.

Ghanaians expressed their opinions, leading Meek Mill to take down the teaser from Instagram and Twitter amid concerns about disrespecting the country’s presidency.

Towards the end of 2023, he announced his return, marking his second visit, but circumstances prevented it from happening.

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