Meet Robson Maurice (RobyMisterDrums) Drumming Maestro and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Inspiring Global Harmony

In the vibrant tapestry of Montreal’s music scene, one name stands out, resonating not only for its rhythmic prowess but also for the unwavering passion and purpose behind each beat. Robson Maurice, known as RobyMisterDrums, emerges as a distinguished musician and entrepreneur whose journey weaves through the rich cultural threads of Montreal, Canada, while maintaining a profound connection to his Haitian roots.

(Early Years and Familial Musical Foundation)

Robson was born into a family of ten children where music wasn’t just a pastime; it was a familial cornerstone. Both his parents contributed their voices to church choirs and family gatherings, fostering an environment where melody and rhythm were integral to daily life.

While his siblings found their musical paths in singing, Robson’s passion gravitated toward the rhythmic heartbeat of drumming. This inclination became evident at the age of 16 during a church event, marking the genesis of a musical journey that would transcend geographical and cultural boundaries.

(A Meteoric Rise in the Musical Landscape)

Robson’s talent catapulted him into the limelight swiftly. Within his first year and a half of drumming, he graced stages not only in Montreal but also in iconic cities like New York and Boston. His performances echoed with a fusion of skill and raw passion, capturing the attention of audiences and fellow musicians alike.

What sets Robson apart is his deliberate avoidance of genre boundaries. Starting with Gospel music in Montreal, he embarked on a musical exploration that led him to play for over 50 different nations. His repertoire boasts mastery over 60 styles of music and hundreds of drum patterns, creating a sonic tapestry that transcends cultural confines.

(Harmony of Humanitarianism and Artistry)

Beyond his musical prowess, Robson is defined by his commitment to humanitarian work. This commitment came to the forefront during a transformative trip to Haiti in 2012. Initially drawn to share his rhythmic talents, Robson discovered the transformative power of the arts in teaching and providing opportunities for those with dreams.

(Calgary Calling: Resonating Drumbeats Across Canada

Now residing in Calgary, Robson’s drumming reverberates through various venues, becoming an integral part of the city’s cultural landscape. From the Stampede to the Calgary Tower and Epcor Centre (now Arts Commons), his beats are not just heard but felt. This transition also marked his national and international recognition, ranking among the top 20 drummers in the country four times. Collaborations with acclaimed international artists and contributions to diverse music genres further solidified his position in the musical sphere.

(Diversification and Entrepreneurial Ventures)

In 2014, Robson made a strategic shift from being a full-time drummer to diversifying his projects. Currently, he focuses on music creation, drum lessons, and building his corporation. Actively engaged in the arts community, Robson sits on the boards of Music Calgary and Black Arts Council, further solidifying his commitment to the broader artistic landscape.

(Classical Soul Music and the Key 30 Orchestra)

A visionary in his right, Robson introduced “Classical Soul Music,” a genre he coined. Leading the Key 30 Orchestra, he weaves life stories through his compositions, aiming to encourage perseverance through hardships and foster unity despite differences. His music becomes a vehicle for shared experiences and common ground, transcending the boundaries of language and culture.

(RobyMisterDrums Enterprise: Nurturing the Arts Ecosystem)

Under the umbrella of RobyMisterDrums Enterprise, Robson’s company is a testament to his commitment to the arts. The company strives to create an ecosystem emphasizing leadership and mentorship, with diversified brands in music, fashion, and dance. The goal is to provide resources and a supportive environment for artists to flourish globally.

(A Mission Rooted in Empowerment)

Robson’s mission goes beyond the beats; it’s rooted in adding value to artists worldwide. His company offers resources, business etiquette, financial services, and mentorship programs. Believing in the power of self-belief, he envisions inspiring artists to pursue their dreams and goals, creating a ripple effect of empowerment in the artistic community.

(A Symphony of Passion and Purpose)

In conclusion, Robson Maurice’s journey is a symphony of passion, purpose, and dedication. His rhythmic odyssey, deeply connected to his Haitian heritage and guided by the force of faith, resonates not only through his beats but also through the transformative impact he seeks to create in the world of music and beyond. RobyMisterDrums is not just a musician; he is a conductor of change, using his artistry to compose a narrative that transcends borders and unites hearts in the universal language of music.

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