Meet the 21-year-old Alice poised to lead the path in a male-dominated field.

In an era where it is said that what men can do women can do better, lots of women have taken it upon themselves to challenge the status quo of what society has written about women to carve a niche for themselves, and Alice Agoe Laryea, a 21-year-old fashion designer, model, photographer, and entrepreneur is no exception.  Young Alice despite the many ills of social media, is breaking her back to make a living with her online lingerie business to empower and inspire young girls her age who are dependent on what men can offer but not what they can bring to the table. She defines women as powerful creatures who can achieve whatever they set their minds to if only they lead the cause. According to Alice, it took her 17 years to finally love and appreciate herself just because she felt she wasn’t pretty enough.She tells me, despite the many challenges faced on the road of success, she is determined to make a difference in her chosen path and is, therefore, challenging many young girls to rise beyond what they think “men” can give and be creative and productive to secure their future. With an absolute determination to make a mark in a career vastly dominated by men, she reveals it hasn’t been easy trying to maneuver her way to the top as a photographer. For her, she’s burnt on cementing her name in the good books of great photographers in Ghana and nothing can stop her. She recounts the many unfavorable criticisms from people who nearly shattered her dreams, she has learned to overcome what society says. For sure, this has helped me come to terms with who I really was and she’s more than confident no matter the ups and downs of life, she can still stand strong and do exploits.

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