MohBad’s death: Nursing assistant allegedly injected him with drugs before he died – Authorities say

Authorities in Nigeria said a nursing assistant allegedly injected MohBad with drugs after he complained of “unbearable pains” following a “violent fight” with a childhood friend before he later died. The nursing assistant has since been named as prime suspect in the 27-year-old’s death, BBC reported.

The singer, whose real name is Ilerioluwa Aloba, passed away in a Lagos hospital on September 12, but he was hastily buried. The circumstances surrounding his death triggered protests in southern Nigeria as fans and sympathizers took to the streets to call for justice. People on social media have been using the hashtag #justiceformohbad to call on authorities to get to the bottom of the matter.

Authorities in the West African nation on Friday said the nursing assistant was allegedly negligent when she injected MohBad with the drugs. Authorities also expatiated what happened prior to his death, saying that he sustained an injury after he got into a fight with a friend identified as Oluwatosin Owoduni.

The deceased singer is said to have suffered an injury to his arm after he hit a car window while trying to strike Owoduni. After his injury was exacerbated over the subsequent days, another friend identified as Ayobami Sadiq got in touch with the nursing assistant and arranged for her to come to the deceased Afrobeats star’s home to treat him.

Lagos State Police Command commissioner Idowu Owohunwa said the nursing assistant administered three injections on MohBad. He, however, started vomiting and convulsing not too long after. He was then taken to a hospital where he died.

Owohunwa said the current investigation into MohBad’s death established the nursing assistant, identified as Feyisayo Ogedengbe, was unqualified to administer injections, BBC reported. Sadiq and Owoduni have since been arrested, but police haven’t provided details on the charges they have brought against Ogedengbe. Sadiq was, however, detained for allegedly conspiring to commit a felony for allegedly arranging for an unqualified nursing assistant to render medical aid to MohBad in a “non-clinical setting.”

The recent revelations by the police come after singer Naira Marley and music promoter Sam Larry were invited to assist with investigations into MohBad’s death. The deceased 27-year-old was initially signed to Marley’s Marlian Records. But he parted ways with his boss following a highly publicized feud. In the wake of his death, a section of Nigerians called out Marley for his alleged harsh treatment of the singer when they parted ways.

Authorities arrested Marley and Sam Larry on suspicion of bullying and harassing MohBad. And though authorities said Marley and Sam Larry were abroad when MohBad sustained the injury that led to his supposed death, they stated that “there are ample electronic and credible witnesses’ evidence linking them to cyberbullying, threat to life, assault occasioning harm and conduct likely to cause breach of peace against the deceased in his lifetime.”

Marley has, however, publicly stated that he has no hand in the death of MohBad.

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