Mother of Kikibees CEO breaks silence about his demise

Cecilia Adomah, mother of Kikibees CEO has kicked against claims that her son either committed suicide or died from the influence of drugs.

According to the bereaved mother, her son is nothing like the bad image that is been painted out there by the police.

In an interview with Bigscout media, Mrs. Cecilia Adomah said her son is a successful, young, and responsible businessman who would have no reason whatsoever to commit suicide or put his life in jeopardy.

She said her son, perhaps, met his untimely death because he trusts easily.

Recalling the last time she set eyes on him, Madam Cecilia Adomah, who resides in Amsterdam, said her son paid a visit to her, a week before meeting his untimely death in Ghana.

“My son Ben that I know isn’t a drug addict. He isn’t a drug addict. Jesus Christ! Ben came to visit me and spent a week here in Amsterdam, before leaving for Ghana, he even hugged me, kissed me and we prayed together. He left here around 1 am. He said he would be back soon and he left. It was his friend who even came to pick him up.

“When I heard reports that my son committed suicide, I was intrigued. This information is false. Why would Ben even want to kill himself? He is a responsible man with a wife and kids. He is hardworking and successful. So, what is he looking for in life that he doesn’t have? I was shocked. My son is very sobber, loves human, and trust easily, maybe that’s what landed us in this situation.

She also recounted the interesting manner in which some outsiders tried to break the news of her son’s death to her in church.

“I heard it when I was in church on Sunday, a lady called me on the phone to tell me about it. Exactly around that time, my daughter’s friends were around so they quickly snatched the phone from me.

“Other people came to tell me that Ben is injured so he is receiving treatment. At that moment, I was taken to home but I kept asking why about four people would tell me about a mere injury. So I asked them to tell me exactly what happened. So, the family came home and they told me that he was dead,” she added.

Ben’s younger brother, who sat next to his mother, insists that his mother was assassinated.

“For someone who took in substance and was hyper, why didn’t he knock anyone down with his car? Went all there way to someone’s house to kill himself. From the audio, you can tell that it is a well-calculated plot to assassinate my brother.

“You said someone is hyper and wants to kill you, so why didn’t you open the door for him to go out? From the audio, you can tell that they did something to him and he was gasping for breath,” he fumed.

Police reportedly presents findings in court

Earlier, a police report contained that Ben, prior to visiting his girlfriend on the night he died, took in some substances and became hyperactive, a situation which resulted in an altercation and destruction of property upon reaching her residence.

The reports further disclosed that at some point, Ben’s girlfriend had to maneuver her way out of the scene, because he threatened to kill her.

The police said Ben was found on the floor with marks on his arms and blood oozing out of his nose, a development which seemed as though he slumped and fell.

Kikibees CEO’s girlfriend arrested and charged with murder

Mam Yandey Joof, girlfriend of the late Bennet Agyekum-Adoma, owner of Kikibees Restaurant and Lounge, has been remanded into police custody by a District Court in Madina.

Her plea has been reserved by the court presided over by Justice Susana Nyakotey.

Muniru Kassim, the lawyer who represented the accused person (Mam Yandey Joof), said she had no hand in the death of the Kikibees CEO and that at the right time, the truth would prevail.

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