Mum-to-be says pregnancy addiction to eating BUBBLES was ‘better than sex’

Zoe Eastman, 33, took three bubble baths a day to satisfy her unusual craving while pregnant with son Indie
Zoe Eastman, 33, took three bubble baths a day to satisfy her unusual craving while pregnant with son Indie

A mum-to-be who became addicted to eating BUBBLES during her pregnancy claims eating suds was better than sex.

Zoe Eastman insisted on soaking in the tub three times a day to satisfy her unusual craving , spending hours consuming every last bubble.

The 33-year-old barber, from Liverpool, said: “When I first fell pregnant, I enjoyed pampering myself in the bath with soothing lotions.

“I’d try different products, but it wasn’t until I was 20 weeks pregnant that the craving to eat bath bubbles started.

She started to crave soapy suds at 20 weeks  Photo: HotSpot Media

“I came across Radox Muscle Therapy, and I couldn’t get enough.

“I would put the bubbles up to my nose and inhale.

“The experience was invigorating and soon I started tasting the bubbles. For some strange reason I loved the consistency.

“It was a sensual feeling – like having an orgasm. It was better than sex.”

The mum-of-one would cover her face in bubbles, and inhale the fragrant foam into her mouth.

The mum-to-be covered her face and inhaled the bubbles Photo: HotSpot Media

Getting through two bottles of Radox bubble bath a week, Zoe tried to hide her secret addiction from fiance, Mark Smith, 34, a builder, but one evening he caught her with a face full of bubbles in the bath.

She says: “When Mark caught me eating the bubbles, I should have felt embarrassed, but eating them was so exhilarating that I didn’t care what I looked like.

“Soon I was thinking about bath bubbles all day long.”

Zoe took three baths a day to satisfy her cravings  Photo: HotSpot Media
When Zoe mentioned her strange craving to her other pregnant friends, they suggested she speak to her doctor, to find out if she was suffering from PICA – an eating disorder that is related to an iron deficiency in the body.

So, at five months pregnant, she visited the doctor and they took blood tests.

The results showed her iron levels were in fact normal.

Thankfully the doctor assured Zoe that her unusual pregnancy craving wasn’t harmful to her unborn baby.

HotSpot Media
Luckily, Zoe’s bizarre addiction didn’t harm her baby

Back at home, she continued to indulge in bubble baths, but it was only one scent that satisfied her craving – Radox Muscle Therapy, ginseng and black pepper.

Any others left her foaming at the mouth.

She says: “One day Asda sent a substitute bottle of bubble bath, I was fuming. No other brand did it for me.

“After that I stock piled to make sure I wouldn’t run out.”

Zoe’s addiction continued right up until she gave birth to son, Indie, who has just turned two.

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Zoe with son Indie, now aged 2

A month later she had another taste of bath bubbles, but to her surprise the sensation left a nasty taste in her mouth.

Zoe says: “After Indie was born, the craving stopped straight away and when I tasted the bubbles it was horrible. The taste was disgusting – I nearly vomited.

“I wanted to see if I still liked it, but it tasted like soap.

“It’s probably a good thing the craving has gone now, as these days having a toddler leaves me with no time to soak in the tub – I’m lucky if I get five minutes in the shower.”


Source: The Mirror

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