Reggie Rockstone shares why he’s estranged from his father’s family in Akwatia

Ghanaian Hiplife artiste, Reggie Rockstone has revealed that he doesn’t visit his family in Akwatia in the Eastern Region because they took over his father’s properties when he died, leaving him (Rockstone) with nothing.

He made the disclosure in an exclusive interview with Dr. Ray on

According to him, his father St. Ossei was a very rich man in Akwatia where he came from and at a point, people joined queues to take money from him everyday.

He revealed that his father had a diamond concession in Akwatia which he (Reggie Rockstone) inherited before his father died but it was taken from him by the family after St Ossei’s death.

He noted that he never intended to cut the family out of the diamond business but since he was the eldest of his siblings, they should’ve allowed him to take over.

Reggie Rockstone asserted that he got furious after the issue was taken to court just to waste his time and told them he would not step foot in the town again.

He stated that what the family did to him still hurts him and he’s sure his father is also upset with his family even in his grave.

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