Shugatiti takes inspiration from Selly Galley; curses a bully on Instagram (See Screenshots)

Budding Ghanaian actress, Shugatiti has cursed a guy on Instagram following persistent bullying.

Titi, who was not able to tolerate this Internet troll with the name Larry Da Solutionist, rained curses on him and his generation.

She stated that the guy will have unending sufferings and he will not get any solution to his sufferings.

This comes after Selly Galley also cursed a lady known as Henewaa Piesie after she called her barren.

It seems a curse has been the new trend when someone is provoked online nowadays.

However, the guy at the centre of the shugatiti issue did not harbour any fears following the curse as he kept on writing and called her to order.

See the screenshots below.

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