Stop being insensitive and disrespectful to new artistes – Music Business Mgr. to A-List artistes

Ghanaian Music Business Manager, Esther Konama Gyan has advised popular artists to be considerate and respect the talents of up-and-coming artists.

Sharing her views on why the progress of the Ghanaian Music industry is delaying, the artist manager stated that is as a result of disunity among Ghanaian musicians.

She remarked that if Ghanaian musicians are supportive of each other then the industry will thrive.

Konama further stated that it is unseemly for popular artistes to demand a huge sum of money from rising artistes for featuring.

“Ghanaian Musicians are not supportive of each other this is why our industry is stranded.

Imagine a young/new artiste looking for collaboration with known artistes, they call out a huge sum of money the new artists can not come up with which is very improper and wicked of them.

The other way round if the artist is able to pay for the featuring, this so-called big artist will not show up for the video shoot which is very insensitive and disrespectful of them. I can mention names.

If we were to be unified and supportive of each other, we can come together to do a whole lot of great things that will reposition the Ghanaian music industry and hence increase the portal of incoming money

Instead of Ghanaian musicians fighting the common enemy bringing the industry down, they rather strategize on how to end a brother’s career.”

She advised stakeholders in the Ghanaian music industry to put all self-interest aside and support each other.

“Instead of them to motivate DJ’s and presenters to promote their music, they will rather be paying people to sabotage a brother in the same industry.

Ghanaian musicians will be comparing the Ghanaian industry to Nigeria. Nigerian artistes support themselves, they share each other’s talent, they introduce their colleagues to people who have helped them one way or the other, unlike Ghanaian Artists.

As the most influential group in the country, let us come together, put all selfish interest aside and demand what is ours (Royalties, Event grounds, etc) because music is the only source of income for most of you”.

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