Students Loan Trust Fund opens application portal for students

The Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) says it has opened its application portal to students who are in need of money to further their education for 2023.

According to them, students who successfully apply and meet every requirement needed for the qualification of the loan will have access to the facility.

The Head of Public Relations at the Students Loan Trust Fund, George Ferguson Laing, said the fund has fulfilled its financial obligations to students who applied for support in 2022.

“We recently opened applications. We have opened the portal for students to apply. So as it stands now we are yet to see the numbers that would be applying. The portal will be open for a couple of months. We will be vetting these applications and once they go through the process, we will start disbursement,” Mr. Laing explained.

Over the years, there have been concerns that the Student Loan Trust Fund has failed to disburse loans to students.

According to Mr. Laing, measures have been put in place to address that situation.

“We have been putting in place strategies over the years to help make disbursement as smooth as possible. We rely partly on government for funding to disburse.  But also one of our key sources of funding is recovery of loans from people that have benefited from the loan,” the Head of Public Relations at the Students Loan Trust Fund assured.