Terrorists back off; they can’t match Ghana – T.B Joshua reveals

Prophet T.B. JoshuaIt appears terrorists who planned to strike at Ghana this month have beaten a retreat, renowned Nigerian Prophet, T.B. Joshua has revealed.

The terrorists, whom the Prophet referred to as evil doers, recoiled due to a precautionary “heart-to-heart” strategy adopted by the country.

Founder and Leader of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T. B. Joshua in a live televised sermon April 10 announced that Ghana and Nigeria were on terrorists’ radar.

“I see Thursday, Friday. Pray for these two nations – Nigeria and Ghana – over gathering in any way; over attack. I am seeing attack and that will be in a foreign way. The attack will come not in a local way. So please open your lips and pray for these two nations for protection” he told his congregants on Sunday in Nigeria.

But a week after that declaration, the man of God has indicated that the attack is unlikely to occur in Ghana.

“I was very, very happy the nation Ghana, they took the bull by the horn and the evil doers put together, are no match for Ghana.”

What might have worked for Ghana is the “heart-to-heart awareness”, he explained, “it is the best weapon you can use…”

“I think the World at large need to learn from the strategy and tactics of Ghana. The nation has been very peaceful, I will say the most peaceful, safe nation in West Africa and the World…God will never allow evil doers to prevail because it has been a safe nation and safest in West Africa and the world at large…that is their strength,” he stressed.

T.B. Joshua came under intense criticism for the way and manner the first revelation was delivered. It caused many people to panic, and some, including the Ghanaian Christendom felt making such serious pronouncement on live television was not the best.

But in defence, the prophet told his congregation the message was not delivered at the spell of the moment.
According to him, he had the revelation two weeks prior to making it public. What he did was to pray over it for God’s direction, he claimed as he touted his track record in the area of prophecy.

“It is not experience, its’ not imagination, it’s not just I want to talk and talk,” he said of how he gets his revelations.

Story by Isaac Essel | tv3network.com |Ghana

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