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What will it take to fix Accra? This is the question on Big Issues this morning on 3FM, 92.7’s SUNRISE.

3FM, 92.7’s morning show, SUNRISE has embarked on the Accra Series this week to put the nation’s capital under scrutiny. The series is a national dialogue on the state of Accra and the way forward.

The nation’s capital is grappling with so many challenges. The biggest is the floods. Fixing Accra to become one of the most outstanding capitals in Africa will take a lot of discipline from both the citizenry and the government.

Successive governments have spent lots of funds in trying to achieve this. But the problem persists. After constructing roads and drains to enable easy vehicular and water movement, much is left to be done.

Yesterday on the Accra Series on SUNRISE, the question was whether the capital city should be moved to another location. The general consensus was; let’s fix it instead.

So what does it take to fix Accra? This is the question we are attempting to answer today on SUNRISE.

In the studio will be Mr. Osei Agyemang from the Institute of Architects and Mr. Timothy Ayidoho, from the Lands Commission. He is also an expert in Town and Urban Planning.

Listeners will also be allowed to join in the conversation via the phone lines and twitter.

So make a date with the host, Winston Amoah at exactly, 7:15am as Accra is brought under scrutiny. Let’s fix Accra!


By Shirley Ewurama Smith/3FM 92.7

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