Tiger Nuts Has Nothing To Do With Potency; Instead, Coconut Water Does – Captain Smart Debunks Myth

Media personality, Captain Smart has set the record straight about tiger nuts and their supposed link to male potency. Contrary to popular belief, he declared on TV3’s Ladies Circle that tiger nuts don’t contribute to male virility. Instead, he directed attention to coconut water as a more likely source of such benefits.

The outspoken radio and TV host stressed the importance of relying on scientific evidence and medical expertise for health-related beliefs. While acknowledging the nutritional value of tiger nuts, he emphasized that there’s no credible scientific support for their direct impact on male potency.

According to Captain Smart, people often have misconceptions about tiger nuts, known as “Atadwe” in local terms. He asserted that the real key to enhanced potency lies in coconut water, which, according to him, helps men stay fit in bed.

“People have funny thoughts about what we call ‘Atadwe’ (Tiger Nuts). Atadwe has nothing to do with potency. What actually helps a man to be more potent is coconut water. That will help you stay fit in bed,” he stated.

Additionally, he shared his personal habit of chewing bitter leaf daily to maintain fitness.

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