Use technology to address health-care challenges – Health Ministry encourages innovators 

The Ministry of Health has urged young health innovators to use technology to address the numerous challenges confronting the country’s health sector.

It says it is willing to support innovators who offer solutions to the country’s health-care system.

The Director of Research Statistics and Information Management (RSIM) at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Wisdom Atiwoto, pledged the Ministry’s support to innovators who are willing to provide solutions to the country’s health challenges during the launch of ZOMUJO, a telehealth startup that provides a convenient and discreet way for clients to access medical care.

“It is important that we do this together. We want to encourage a lot of young people, especially health institutions to think about how best to use technology to solve some challenges facing our health system. Once they do this, I am sure we will be able to bridge the gaps that exist in our health sector so the focus on us is to find how to help and to see which problems can solve our health challenges”

During the launch, Teate Duut, the founder of ZOMUJO, bemoaned the gap created in the fight against mental health in Ghana, thus the need to create an app to help fill the gap.

“According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 10% of persons are living with one form of mental health. So that translates to about 3.1 million Ghanaians and that’s why ZOMUJU is trying to redefine this mental health story”.

Sarpei Nii Nkonu, Project Manager at the KGL Foundation, believes that the KGL Foundation’s decision to support the establishment of Zomuju is motivated by its desire to assist innovators in providing solutions to the country’s health challenges.