VIDEO: Fella and Medikal tease Ghanaians with their lovey-dovey in an IG live session

Ghanaian Celebrity couple actress Fella Makafui went live with her husband Medikal on Instagram to talk about the Planning & Plotting concert which happened over the weekend at Lapalm Royal Beach Hotel.

During the session, actress Fella Makafui and rapper Medikal showcased their affection as they playfully bantered, attempting to outsmart each other in a delightful Instagram live conversation.

The unique footage kicks off with Medikal humorously asking his partner to send him money since his credit card wasn’t working. However, Fella Makafui playfully countered, stating she was also strapped for cash.

She amusingly mentioned using borrowed data for an internet connection and urged Medikal to speed up the conversation as her device was running out of power.

The couple shared laughs over their playful exchange and their lighthearted failure to outwit each other.

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