Vodafone Healthline doctor explains how kidney diseases are linked to high blood pressure

In the fourth episode of the Vodafone Healthline Spin-Off show, Dr Elliot Tannor, a nephrologist, talked about how chronic kidney diseases can lead to high blood pressure.

Dr Tannor explained to the host of the Vodafone Healthline show that kidneys help in the body’s removal of waste and control of blood pressure. As a result, damaged kidneys cannot regulate blood pressure, which might result in elevated blood pressure.

He added that high blood pressure could also result in renal failure or chronic kidney disease. The doctor described how kidney-related blood vessels could be impacted by high blood pressure and become narrowed. As a result, the kidneys do not get enough blood, which deprives them of the oxygen and nutrients they need to operate. This damages the kidneys’ tiny blood vessels.

He advised viewers to check their blood pressure often because high blood pressure has no warning signs or symptoms.

The ideal way to reduce one’s risk of renal disorders and high blood pressure, according to Dr Tannor, is to make specific adjustments to one’s lifestyle, such as exercising frequently, maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthily, and contacting your doctor for checks on both conditions.

The fourth episode of the Vodafone Healthline Spin-Off show also debunked the notion that putting a thread on a baby’s head prevents hiccups.

In response to the myth, Dr Aba Folson stated that there has not been any scientific or medical research to back up the belief.

She clarified: “The diaphragm contracts uncontrollably to cause hiccups. Whatever is in your hair has nothing to do with it. As everyone is aware, hiccups can occasionally be brought on by overeating, being overly full, or being dehydrated. Making sure that babies burp properly after feeding, keeping them upright for a while after feeding, and making sure they are well-hydrated are all simple steps you can take to try and reduce this problem in babies. However, when it does happen, it is not pathological and even goes away by itself. If it makes you feel better, you can put a thread on the baby’s head, but it will not change anything.”

Through the Vodafone Healthline show, Vodafone Ghana has provided free medical education and interventions to the Ghanaian public. The show keeps giving out useful information through interesting content on selected media outlets and social media.

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