Vodafone introduces Ghana’s 1st free info service via phone

file photoTo create universal access to information by all, Vodafone Ghana Foundation (VGF) has launched Vodafone 321, Ghana’s first public information service, to advance access to trusted information via phone in five local languages.

The free and on-demand service, which is user friendly even for people with limited literacy, is accessible on simple mobile phones in languages such as English, Ewe, Ga, Hausa and Twi.

On how the partnership with Human Network International (HNI), an American NGO, will transform lives and create cohesiveness, Nana Yaa Ofori Koree, Head of Vodafone Ghana Foundation and Sustainability, said: “The greatest contribution a telecommunications company can bring to subscribers is the ability to empower firms, families and individuals to get up to date information using fewer resources. Today, the launch of 321 has made it possible for anyone who dials “321” to be connected to a menu of topics, spoken in the language they prefer”.

Mrs Ofori-Koree said the service provides news; weather forecasts; maternal health; sexual reproductive health; family planning; and water and sanitation; adding that these key messages are available via SMS and USSD.

“This service has the potential to reach millions of people in Ghana, with important and accurate information, without the caller having to have personal contact with an expert,” the Head of Vodafone Foundation said in addition.

Sarah Rogers, Program Manager for HNI, said the launch of 321 in Ghana is a game changer.

“The Service has been active in Madagascar since 2010, and in Malawi since 2014. If our experiences in Malawi and Madagascar are any indication, Ghanaians are going to love this Service”.

The Program Manager also said HNI works across all sectors to promote the free flow of information between vulnerable groups and the humanitarian and development professionals dedicated to helping them.

The technology behind the Service is developed by VOTO Mobile, a Ghana-based tech start-up and beneficiary of Vodafone Ghana Foundation’s Mobile for Good Initiative.

DKT International, Marie Stopes International, Grameen Foundation, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), UK Aid, Ghana Health Service, and GSMA are the main contributors to this service.

Source: tv3network.com|Ghana

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